Jessica A. McMinn is an aspiring author based in NSW, Australia. She writes dark fantasy fiction, short stories of various genres, book reviews and shares the occasional insight into her writer’s life.

She also freelances for Writer’s Edit, an internationally recognised online resource sharing novel writing tips and advice.

Since graduating from the University of Wollongong with Distinction in BCA (Creative Writing) and BA (Japanese), Jessica has spent five years in Japan teaching English, all while working on her first novel: The Ruptured Sky (Gardens of War & Wasteland #1).

The Ruptured Sky is currently being reviewed by an editor.

The King & His Shadow, a prequel short story set one year before The Ruptured Sky is now available for free.

About Gardens of War & Wasteland

The Ruptured Sky (Gardens of War & Wasteland #1) is a New Adult dark fantasy series featuring a racially and sexually diverse cast aimed at readers of all genders aged 18-30 years.

The Gardens of War & Wasteland books will deal with a number of socially relevant themes including sexuality and mental health. Overarching ideas explore the tension between duty and desire; the weight of responsibility; and the battle to overcome internal and external adversity on the road to peace.

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