Before you read THE RUPTURED SKY, discover the origins of Amika & Rei-Hai with two free and exclusive prequel novellas…

The Collector’s Lost Things

Blind Those Who See…

Rei-Hai Shaw is a Collector, and he is very good.

At just thirteen years old, Rei became the youngest recruit ever to join the ranks of the Tower, the shadowy organisation that oversees the fulfilment of Whyt’hallen’s darkest requests.

Favoured by the masters but distrusted by his peers, Rei comes to learn the price of his accolades when the Tower demands more than the simple procurement of trinkets.

They want him to steal lives, too.

When his latest missions thrusts him back into the world of his childhood, Rei is painfully reminded of all he left behind—and what he can’t bear to lose again.

Includes additional short story, The King & His Shadow.

Call of The Huntress

One night. One blade. One chance at infamy.

Homeless without a coin to her name, the runaway Princess Amikharlia tries to make a living for herself in the old capital of Ciraselo. 

Shunned by the mercenary guilds and failing as a serving girl, Amika yearns for something more—something dangerous.

When a travelling hunter comes to town, Amika discovers just that: a plot to capture a rare and deadly monster from the realm adjacent. 

With her blade in hand, Amika joins the hunt, ready to make her mark on the world.

But as blood begins to spill, she discovers she’s in too deep—and that there is more of her to fear than the sharp edge of her sword…

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