short story collection: [project zed]

This year, I was fortunate to be commissioned by the Booranga Writers’ Centre to create a collection of short stories as part of their stimulus funding from Create NSW‘s initiative to support regional writers.

My proposed collection, tentatively titled PROJECT ZED, will feature up to eight short stories exploring the future of Australia – and the world – should humankind be successful in achieving deep space travel and off-world colonisation.

Spanning decades and generations, the stories will be connected via themes and setting rather than chronological events. By incorporating a range of subgenres from speculative literary fiction to commercial YA “cli-fi” (climate change fiction), the collection aims to have something to offer a variety of readers.

Long time readers of my work will recognise the project’s origins in THE END IS WHERE WE START FROM (published in fourW 29, 2018) and THE FOREST AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (featured in 2020 bushfire charity anthology, Stories of Hope).

I am beyond humbled by this amazing opportunity and cannot wait to share the journey – and finished product – with you all soo.


2 responses to “short story collection: [project zed]”

  1. That’s a fantastic opportunity. Congratulations!


    1. Thank you so much! I am beyond thrilled 🥰


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