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what you need to know about gardens of war & wasteland: the ruptured sky

As the beta roll-out looms, it’s about time I had a sit-down with myself and addressed some of the important questions that you, the readers, have about my upcoming novel, Gardens of War & Wasteland: The Ruptured Sky.

GoWaW Promo copy
Li’Nea Wood: One of the many locales explored throughout Whyt’hallen. Images sourced from Pinterest.

So, what’s the backstory?

Gardens of War & Wasteland is set on the continent of Whyt’hallen, a veritable paradise created by the Goddess Miatha for her immortal First Born: the Meah-Hyren. Peace-loving and magically gifted, the Meah-Hyren flourished in the expansive forests–until the Meytarans came.

Miatha’s mortal Second Born dwelled on the other side of the earth, separated from Whyt’hallen and their magical siblings by the great Azure Expanse. When their lands succumbed to the Sickness, desperate leaders loaded the surviving people into ships and set sail across the ocean in search of safer ground.

Whyt’hallen: A former paradise of lush forests until devastated by war (c) Jessica A. McMinn 2017

The Meah-Hyren were receptive at first. They offered the Meytarans refuge on Whyt’hallen until their numbers grew. The Second Born reproduced at rates the Meah-Hyren had not anticipated. Their camps grew to cities, to kingdoms, and the forests were stripped to make way for their castles and pastures. With the Meytarans’ unrelenting spread, the Meah-Hyren were pushed back to the fringes of their world. Soon, their generosity snapped.

No war is without casualty and no side suffered as severely as Whyt’hallen itself. The once lavish, fertile lands of the west were stripped to a barren wasteland under the corrosive power of Meah-Hyren magic. The unstable force of the war tore a rift across the sky, opening a gate to the realm adjacent–the antithesis of everything Miatha created: the Miekhel Ruim. Thousands of demonspawn flooded Whyt’hallen and presented both armies with a new, dangerous enemy. But the Meah-Hyren retreated. They withdrew to the last unspoiled isles of the world, leaving Whyt’hallen and the Meytarans to their demise.

Distraught from seeing her beloved garden and creations laid waste before her eyes, the Goddess Miatha surrendered her life force to mend the Tear, and used that of her four deity children to suture her spirit in place. In the godless world that followed, the Meytarans endured. Empires rose and fell; wars were waged and won; and somewhere in the middle of it all, a madman heard a prophecy.

Who are the main characters?

The Ruptured Sky follows an ensemble cast centralised around runaway princess, Amikharlia Elys Holani, the first daughter in recorded history born to the Kingdom of Holania. Escaping an arranged marriage to a suitor she despised, Ami walks out on her birthright to make her own decisions about what her life will be–and to learn more of the unusual powers that awoke in her childhood.

Rei-Hai Shaw is a childhood friend of Ami’s, stolen away from the Holanian captial of Adria at the age of thirteen to be inducted into the Tower–an organisation shrouded in mystery with connections all over Whyt’hallen to see to a number of unsavoury tasks. Rei’s allegiance to the brethren and the Tower’s own personal agenda are called into question when his latest target falls a little too close to home.

teaser excerpts
Learn more about main characters Ami and Rei in teaser short stories 01 & 02 located right here on my blog.*

Ami’s older brother, Crown Prince Kiokharan Ehrin Josten Holani is still dealing with the loss of his wife and unborn son when the consequences of Ami’s disappearance rear their ugly heads. Insecure and alone without the support of his dear sister, Kio struggles to keep hold of a kingdom on the edge of war while tidying the mess that Ami left behind.

After a chance meeting the demon huntress Ami, half-blood Meah-Hyren Kriah introduces the strange young woman to his exiled grandfather, a crazed hermit who sprouts madness about a prophecy to revive the Goddess. Intrigued by the enigma that is Ami and her powers, Kriah slowly comes to realise that maybe his grandfather is not so crazy after all.

What themes are you dealing with?

The Gardens of War & Wasteland books will deal with a number of socially relevant themes including sexuality and mental health. Overarching ideas explore the tension between duty and desire; the weight of responsibility; and the battle to overcome internal and external adversity on the road to peace.

Well then, who should read it?

Gardens of War & Wasteland is a New Adult dark fantasy series featuring a racially and sexually diverse cast aimed at readers of all genders aged 18-30 years.

Further questions regarding the world and characters of Gardens of War & Wasteland are warmly welcome. Hit me up on twitter @jessicaamcminn or comment below.


I am currently recruiting a team of beta readers to provide feedback on The Ruptured Sky early April 2018. If you would like to apply for consideration, please email me at to register your interest.

*Learn more about Ami in [teaser 01] the morning of and Rei in [teaser 02] the collector’s lost things

** This project was previously known under the tentative title Garden of the Gods: Torn Sky. I am currently in the process of rebranding; please be patient while I bring previous publications in line with the new title.

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