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unusual questions for your mc pt 2

Following on from the fun I had with character quizzes for main the cast of Garden of the Gods, here is the second installment of Unusual Questions for Your MC.

  • What does your MC do to occupy themselves when bored?

Ami seeks to cure boredom in the company of others—and not in a sexual way. She has a good rapport with the owner of the tavern above which she boards and will at times sit down at the bar to chat and enjoy an ale with her dinner. When socialising doesn’t appeal to her, Ami enjoys training or exploring the old capital, which always seems to have some new exciting nook she hasn’t seen before.

Boredom is not something Rei gets to experience too often. His work for the Tower is dangerous and exhaustive and doesn’t allow for much idle time. He has been known to read whatever is at hand when he finds himself unable to sleep, and on the rare occasion when he does have down time, he endeavours to spend it with Kio.

Having grown up isolated in a forest, Kriah became very adept at entertaining himself. When not experimenting with different arrow tips and fletching combinations, Kriah enjoys a good hike through the rocky foothills of the Yaia mountains. He is also a budding culinarian and spends his free time whipping up new recipes.

In polar opposition to Kriah, Kio is the type who is perpetually bored, despite having everything at his beck and call. He requires external stimulation to keep himself occupied generally in the form of another person. Solitary activities make him restless, unless he has been through a long period of stressful political obligations after which he requires time to reboot. After his wife passed away, Kio began coaching his retainer, Rennel Kent, in the art of General—a strategic board game he has enjoyed since childhood. If boredom strikes when Kio is in a reboot phase, he will head to the training hall to refine his martial and sword skills. In his youth, after close friend Rei-Hai Shaw was sent away, Kio took to alleviating his boredom (and depression) through whoever he could seduce into his bed. He has since matured.

  • Does your MC like to explore dangerous places?

It’s a fantasy novel—of course they do!

  • Has your MC done something stupid and not regretted it?

Royal siblings Ami and Kio make a lot of hard decisions, many of which are regrettable. It’s hard not to feel guilty over valid choices let alone stupid ones when your actions affect so many people. So no, neither of them have really have the luxury of reveling in stupidity. Ami, however, is in two minds over her ‘stupid’ decision to give up her birth right and husband; at times she is never happier that she is away from Reminas and other unsavoury obligations, but guilt and regret creep in whenever she allows herself to dwell on the possible ramifications her defection left behind.

Kriah is not a regretful person as he was not raised to have the same moral compass as the ordinary person. Being sheltered as he is, he’s also not had the opportunity to even be stupid. Basically, he hasn’t done anything to not regret.

Rei is a man who stands by every decision he has made, good or bad, smart or stupid. Life’s too short to have regrets—particularly his.

  • Does your MC forgive others easily?

No. They’re all salty forever.

… is they answer they would tell you. While no one certainly forgives easily, each and every one of the softens eventually—for the right people. Except for maybe Kio. There are some wrongs he will take with him to the grave.

  • Does your MC enjoy praise?

This is a difficult one because they are all pretty broken inside.

Ami learnt to appreciate the value of praise through her parents’ lack of providing it. While she doesn’t see herself deserving of receiving it, she enjoys giving that little boost to those in need of it. The only thing she prides herself on, and on what she is willing to take compliment, is her fighting prowess.

Praise for Rei was something he understood as being the absence of punishment. His childhood was nothing but discipline and scolding, which continued into his adult life once being conscripted to the Tower. The difference, however, was the Tower gave credit where credit was due, and Rei saw real praise for the first time in the form of reward. He soon came to crave it, and his love of praise is why he climbed so quickly and high through the Tower ranks.

Kriah not so much likes or dislikes praise as he is wary of it. Praise given too freely cannot be trusted and giving none where it is deserved is cruel. He cannot accept praise without discerning its meaning first, so it can be a more tiring than enjoyable experience for him.

Kio is not nearly as self-assured as he presents himself. He constantly second guesses his decisions and ability to lead and so relies on praise to remind himself he’s moving in the right direction. A childhood of harsh, and at times unfair, criticism slashed his confidence and now when he is truly complimented, it turns into a very emotional affair.

  • Do they like ‘so bad it’s good’ movies?

Switching to an alternate, modern universe: Ami and Rei would totally be in to movie nights—with popcorn—trashing bad films and laughing their arses off. Kio would be right there with them, begrudgingly, enjoying himself but much preferring to watch something of actual merit.

And Kriah would hate every second.

  • Does your MC like amusement parks/carnivals/festivals?

Again, shifting discourse here, but I feel Ami would enjoy any one of these events. She likes seeing people having genuine fun, which is partly why she hated the formal events of her past—everyone was so insincere with their smiles and laughter.

Kriah would find the whole thing entirely overwhelming—even cities are a bit much for him. But the atmosphere of a festive event would leave him exhilarated and terrified all at once. Would he like it? Well, who really knows with Kriah?

As for Rei and Kio, either one of these would be the ideal setting for a public outing they could never go on. With so many people buzzing around them, they would be invisible, all the while being out in plain sight. It would be strange and awkward and they’d probably be a little shy initially, but having some innocent, childlike fun with sideshows and amusements in each other’s company is just what they need to distract them for all their suppressed suffering. .

Have a question for an MC?

Send your questions and who you’d like to ask (Ami, Kriah, Rei or Kio) through to, comment below or hit me up on @jamjam_pie on twitter


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